Saturday, 21 November 2015



Knowledge Middle Earth is a business consulting and a professional training center that  utilizes the best experts, advisors and practitioners to develop the administrative and consultation of people with high level of scientific and practical service to clients and customers, taking into account not only to satisfy the customers but to also make them happy by providing the best and excellent services, training and human resources consulting.

The aim of this consultancy is to develop administrative systems and improve organizational structures according to the modern strategies and trends, through the identification and study of training needs. Another aim is to develop a plan of development for the institution or body or individuals through advisers with qualified experience and distinctions to contribute to the planning and preparation of financial advice.

  • Organization and Management Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Marketing and Sales

  • Expertise of Consultancy
  • Field practical work
  • Provide systematic solutions and practical recommendations
  • Follow-up and assessment after the consultation

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